Sunday, August 2, 2009


The ride up on the train was long but as I slept through half of it and read through the other half it went quite quickly. Krysta, Frank's daughter, kindly picked me up from the station and drove me to the college. MANY, MANY THANKS KRYSTA! At the college I met a number of folks and chatted a bit before our 5:45pm meeting. The meeting was followed by a picnic where we sat opposite a large field of grass and watched the sun starting to set as we ate. The sky turned a remarkable colors as we finished our meal. At dinner I learned what state has the lowest highest point, the highest capital (in terms of elevation) and where the next Summer Institute will (or maybe it is still might) be can bug me or ask around if you're interested in determining the accuracy of your guesses. After that we went down by the lake where there was a nice fire burning. There was chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows for those who were interested and some decent conversation. Tomorrow we're up at 7am for breakfast and the keynote after that. I'll keep you posted. Until soon.

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