Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First time attendee

Today was my first day at the summer AMTNYS, ever! I have only attended the one in the fall once, so it was very interesting to see the difference. The fall AMTNYS is quite overwhelming, while the summer version is exactly as the say, relaxing, refreshing, and renewing. I attended the sequel to the Nspire - Integration in the Classroom, even though I missed the first session on Monday. What a great experience! Chris Monahan did an excellent job keeping his patience with Kate and I, the only two there. Talk about a lot of one-on-one time with the instructor! He showed us what lessons plans look like on the Nspire, how to use them, and then how to creat our own. It was very casual, yet very informative. I went home with a wealth of new ideas, and after practicing some on my own Nspire, a wealth of questions. Chris Monahan so kindly gave us his email information and welcomed any and all questions that we might have.

The registration was very friendly, even though I was a day late, and the vendors were there, but not the overwhelming amount like in the fall. There seems to be a constant supply of food and everyone is so relaxed and able to talk. Not that people weren't willing to help in the fall, but they have much more time to spend with you. It was an all around great experience, and worthe the hour and a half trip each way that I drove. I will make the three hour round trip again tomorrow and can't wait!

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