Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday the First Full Day

Well the first full day of the summer institute has come and gone. From what I can tell everyone has had a great time. Tom Chapin's keynote address in story and song was excellent. He had to study algebra during the summer, with his grandmother while his brothers and friends played. He even learned to like it.

The sessions went well as we avoided a major obstacle as some rooms became off limits to us just before the start of the first session. But with some quick thinking things went off without a hitch.

The guys from STANYS and NYSTEA met with AMTNYS people go try to pull off a STEM conference next summer. That is an up hill climb and a lot of work to pull it off in a year.

The Monday puzzle party was a great success. Mary made squares for each of us, but she neglected to put them together. Five pieces one square--this was the toughest puzzle from 2007--it wasn't much easier this year either. But the most frustrating puzzle of the this year's puzzle night was a wood block which consisted of two pieces but no one was able to take them apart--see picture above.

Many new friendships were made today. And I heard whispers of math talk late into the night. Whoever said math conferences weren't fun and productive, didn't know about the summer institute.


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