Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Puzzle Night

Puzzle night was fun. I got on the phone with my family sometime in the night and was going on and on about it. I could see the head shaking, she must be crazy stares right through the phone. I ended (after a few hints to do so which I had ignored) with an "I know what I want for Christmas" ... the night was fun, there were a lot of intriguing puzzles, some good chatting and so forth. There was a puzzle I worked at a very long time - wooden pieces fitting into a parallelogram whose sides are metal rods; wooden pieces have holes so after putting them in place there are metal rods that fit into the holes but cannot overlap - felt good to get it.

Now, if you are up for some frustration and the opportunity to be a hero to all ask Frank for the little wooden box. It consists of two pieces which somehow can be taken apart. There are instructions which help not at all and a string of people who have tried and not succeeded yet.

Until later.

1 comment:

  1. As far as I know the box puzzle is yet unsolved. Although at this point there seems to be consensus that there is a little metal ball inside that must somehow be moved around by tilting the box and that doing this correctly is the key to separating the two pieces of wood. Again, anyone who gets it will no doubt be a hero to all so if you can't sleep tonight ask Frank for the box.