Friday, August 7, 2009


Driving home 3.5 hours gave me some time to reflect on the wonderful time I had at the conference. I am thankful to all who made this "newbie" feel at home and part of the "family". We had great presenters that gave us all the opportunity to ask questions and discuss in and out of sessions. As others have said Eric's presentation at the banquet was energetic and fascinating.

I think it important to say we all go to any conference for a multitude of reasons, but I was pleased to hear from all that the breadth and scope lent itself to all. The break time and free time really gave me an opportunity to get a fuller picture of the other components of teaching that I don't see in my day to day workings. I had unique opportunities to discuss theory and math on a higher level along with strategies and innovations that have changed since I was taught in primary school.

I left with a renewed energy to get back in the trenches and energize my teaching. It is easy to fall into comfortable habits and the summer institute has shown me that I need to be vigilant and keep surrounding myself with people willing to stretch and explore new ideas and practices.

I'm encouraged by the MST conference next year and will be seeking out both math and science colleagues in my area to "talk up" the real possibilities that lie ahead.

Thanks Frank, Mickey Jo and the whole family of AMTNYS for a great week that will mark a turning point in my teaching and my life.

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  1. Look at Maiken blogging with your bad self!

    I like your writing. I hope to see more of it. :-)